Collaborative Lawyers

Collaborative Lawyers – In the Collaborative process, you are not alone. Your Collaborative Lawyer is not a neutral. He or she is there to support and advance your legal needs and interests. Your Collaborative Lawyer will be a resource upon whom you can draw at any time. He or she will:

  • help you to identify and gather the information necessary to make informed decisions;
  • educate you as to your legal rights and interests;
  • help you to generate options for the resolution of all issues;
  • support you in negotiations, advocating for your interests, in a manner that is consistent with Collaborative principles;
  • support you in determining which options for resolution best serve your needs; support the interests of your children and enhance the functioning and wellbeing of the members of your separated family; and
  • formalize your negotiated agreement, in a binding document, which secures your future interests.

Your Collaborative Lawyer will provide legal guidance and advice throughout the process, to ensure that you feel informed and confident as you participate, make critical decisions and reach agreements. Your Collaborative Lawyer will be your safeguard, your protector, your sounding board and your advocate.